I’m passionate about my community, and about protecting biodiversity. I volunteer with various organizations, such as The Kanata Lakes Community Association, Ecology Ottawa and The South March Highlands Carp River Conservation Group. Here are a few of the activities I have recently been involved in, or helped organize:

  • Ecology Ottawa 2013 Eco-Gala – I was proud to act as a volunteer working to assist in making Ecology Ottawa’s 2013 Eco-Gala a success. I worked on their organizing committee handling sponsorships and various logistics such as sound equipment and set-up.
  • A Panel Discussion on regional policy regarding Natural Linkages –  featuring Prof. Emer. Gray Merriam, Ph.D., D.Sc., The Nature Conservancy of Canada, The National Capital Commission & The City of Ottawa – I acted as Principal Organizer along with The Greensspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital.
  • Community Emerald Ash Borer Information Session in cooperation with The City of Ottawa, various community associations and local subject matter experts – Principal Organizer;
  • South March Highlands Family Fun Day – A day to celebrate biodiversity and educate the community on the value of Ottawa’s South March Conservation Forest, featuring music, various activities, keynote speakers from City council and local Algonquin community leaders, and educational events hosted by nature interpreters, biologists and geologists – Principal Organizer

I’ve also been involved in organizing many community events such as Family Fun Days, and community social and networking events.

One of my personal favourites was when I was asked to help arrange an event wherein we invited Algonquin Elder Albert DuMont to our suburban community to conduct a Traditional Algonquin ceremony honoring the forest. Also in attendance were Zen Teacher & Professor Emeritus Ian Prattis, renowned author, medical biochemist & tree expert Diana Beresford-Kroeger and local interfaith church elders.  The Algonquin ceremony was followed by reflections from our invited guests, and members of the community.

The event was held on the Solstice, under the stars by firelight at The Beaver Pond Woods in Kanata, Ontario. It was a deeply moving event that was well-attended by community members. The event recognized the deep connection The Algonquin People have with the land in this area, as well as the connection we all have with the land and each other. As it was a traditional ceremony, no cameras or recording equipment was allowed, but you can read about the event here.