Ten Actions for People Too Busy for Climate Action (DRAFT)

There have been a lot of super-apocalyptic articles coming out recently that would lead us to believe that the climate-change-induced end is nigh. Should we be worried? Probably – but as the saying goes “Ain’t nobody got time for that”! Fair enough. Maybe you don’t feel confident in your knowledge. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Buying a Hummer, dining on steak and generally going out in a blaze of nihilistic carbon-powered glory seems rather unproductive, and you’re too busy for an apocalypse-induced nervous breakdown. So, how does the average person with average concerns find the middle road?

Well, I’m here to say, “Not to Worry”! You don’t need to be an expert, make big sacrifices or go join a doomsday cult. There are plenty of folks passionately working on climate change issues and even small actions on your part can help them get on with the big work. Being supportive in small ways means a lot, and knowing you have their back helps keep them going. Here is a list of ten things everyday folks can do to help us to a brighter climate future.  Read More

Conflict Minerals – Intel’s “Less Bad” Intentions

This week the popular Corporate Sustainability communications group Triple Pundit published a rather saccharine piece, lauding Intel for achieving a supply chain free from Conflict Minerals. Wow. (Insert slow clap here). Well, sounds good, right? Well… yes… But does Intel really deserve all of the love?

If you follow social justice and/or Conflict_Mineralshigh-tech news, you’ve probably heard of Conflict Minerals by now. Tin, Tungsten, Tanatlum & Gold – all used in your favourite electronic devices, and all mined by slave labor in a black market minerals trade by DRC warlords. These minerals are the “blood diamonds” of the electronics industry. As part of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, measures to restrict the movement of conflict minerals were introduced in 2010 under Section 1502. Since then, the issue of conflict minerals has received increasing attention. Read More