Sustainability is both a personal and professional passion for me, and I have recently committed to broadening my knowledge by pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies at Carleton University.

Professionally, I have been involved in Environmental Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance, primarily for chemicals, electronics and consumer products since 2008. I have assisted clients from start-ups to fortune 100’s in a multitude of diverse projects from auditing supply chains for some of the most advanced medical devices for environmental risk, to assisting startups in discerning the best way to enhance and leverage their products’ sustainability attributes.

My business experience, innovative perspective and ability to engage, research, analyse and communicate offer a multitude of ways I can assist you in meeting your goals:

Sustainability Analysis
Whether for a product, activity or organization, using a framework from existing standards, life cycle analysis principles or sustainability reporting standards I can assist in discerning sustainability attributes and shortfalls, and offer insights on how to improve performance.

Environmental Certifications
I leverage my in-depth experience in third-party certified sustainability conformity assurance and claims validation programs, sustainability marketing, consumer green claims and associated FTC regulations to help clients position themselves as sustainability leaders by assuring they are communicating their claims succinctly, backed by verifiable, scientific data.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance
I consult with clients on environmental regulatory risk in their supply chain based on my extensive experience in audit and analysis of Bills of Materials and mechanical drawings for North American and EU environmental regulations.

Environmental Policy and Business Research
I have background and expertise in environmental policy and environmental impact assessment processes through Carleton University’s Environmental Studies Program, and an understanding of North American and global environmental policy and regulatory trends and their associated business implications. I work on a volunteer basis with groups of disparate stakeholders such as local e-NGOs, community groups and various levels of government on urban sustainability and biodiversity issues.

Whether a simple analysis or more in-depth value mapping and stakeholder engagement projects, I am able to devise a methodology and effectively execute and report findings in a cogent and accessible manner, using an array of formats for delivery.

Presentations, Newsletters and White Papers
As an accomplished Corporate Sales Representative being able to assemble a compelling presentation is my bread and butter. Moreover, I have been involved with the drafting of newsletter content both professionally and with various non-profits, and I have assisted in developing content for ad collateral and white papers addressing various sustainability / health and safety issues.

Process analysis and streamlining
Lean Six Sigma is a process that uses statistical analysis to find and eliminate waste in any process. I completed UL’s Lean Six Sigma Training Program in 2014. I have been involved in setting up and evaluating many different programs and systems for both corporate and non-profit organizations, ranging from project management and communications protocols to Client Relationship Management applications.


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